Graples Hot Billet Grabber
Scrap Grapples


Dimensions (MM)
sizes (MM)
  Cubic Mtr Kg Kw A B C D E Sec. Sec. V Hz
CEL 1000/4 P EL 1.0 2000 4 15 1080   2160   1190   670   110   6-8 10-12 415 50
CEL 1500/6 P EL 1.5 2500 4/6 25 1110 2270 1250 670 140 6-8 10-12 415 50
CEL 2000/6 P EL 2.0 3200 4/6 38 1280 2430 1340 670 180 6-8 10-12 415 50

Hot Billet Grabber

Hot Billet  Grabber 

Billet Grabber is a mechanical device used in steel Melting Shop for grabbing the ingots / helps Properly Placing the finished goods and stock is very safe to used and has very effective is not a magnetic hydraulic electronic or pneumatic device.It is pure mechanical device and has a number of advantages over other material lifting equipment with a filly reliable and a total mechanical interlocking system it can help save a lot of time and resources and hence result in the increased  productivity by many folds. it come in various size and capacities



Scrap Grapples


Crystal, 4 / 6 -Tine Orange Peel Grapples are designed with the professional scrap processor  in mind

to provide maximum durability and low maintenance, reducing your downtime.

Key features include:

Low upper head profile allows more vertical reach for higher stacking.

Wide openings allow for cleaning out corners of truck bodies and rail cars.

High tensile steel used throughout. AR 500, wear resistant steel used on all spade tips.

Oversized, hardened cylinder and pivot pins.

High pressure cylinders.

Bolt-on cylinder shrouds and side access plates for maximum protection and ease of maintenance.

360  continuous rotation, with heavy duty motor, bearing and hydraulic swivel. Dual motors used on 1.0 yd.  (.8 M) and above.

Easily accessible, yet well protected grease zerks.

Options Include:

Rigid or free spinning rotation.

3 spade configurations available: narrow, 1 / 2 and full spade