The Guiding Principles of Crystal Electricals are comparable to a corporate constitution. They set out the foundation for our conduct internally and externally and apply both to the Management Board and to all employees of the group. Our guiding principles can be broken down into a Commitment that we renew everyday and a Vision toward which we strive. To ensure that our Vision will become reality one day, we have defined a Mission that encompasses five principles. Our five Values that serve as a compass to keep our corporate Group on the right course round off our Guiding Principles.

Our Commitment

With this Commitment, “We Can Handle It.”, we wish to show customers, partners and the market that we, as a company, are capable of meeting customers’ requirements and needs, however demanding they may be, and providing professional solutions of a high standard while also meeting our own goals. Our commitment to excellence is the most integral component in our daily operations. This means that we are dedicated to the highest standards in safety, service and quality. By constantly updating our equipment and procedures, we aim to be the safest Magnets & crane service company in the Market. We are the recipient of numerous safety & Quality awards. Our commitment to safety and services has been the key to Crystal success

Our Vision

We want to be the first choice in our markets.In achieving our Vision, we will continue to focus on sustained and profitable growth and thus secure the future for our product Services. we strive to be the “first choice” when it comes to offering solutions in material handling technology. Our performance needs to meet the expectations of our Customers

Our Mission

We ease the workload of our customers.

The focus of our business is our customers. Understanding their needs and offering new solutions and the best possible service eases the workload of our customers both literally and figuratively. We aim to strengthen customer loyalty and to further increase customer satisfaction.

We are committed to technological leadership through innovation.

For decades, the brands of Crystal Electricals have stood for the highest quality and leading edge technology. Thanks to sustained, above average investments in research and development, we intend not only to maintain our leading edge, but to keep ahead of the competition.

We Value Our Customers

Customers know that by choosing us they will have a stress free experience, certain that their needs will be met and expectations exceeded.

We focus on sustained and profitable growth.

Crystal Electricals specially maintain focus to provide defect Free goods to its customers on time and within budget. Crystal mainly focus to Develop and improve the Quality Management System for the enhancement of customer satisfaction, to Ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

We shape markets

We introduce new accents whether through our innovative products, our exceptional customer-driven approach or success-promising strategies. In this way, we shape our markets to allow our Vision to become reality – to be the first choice.

Our Values

1). Innovative Strength
We always seek to improve ourselves and excel through quality, motivation and innovative strength.

2). Motivation
Our employees are our most precious capital. We invest in their safety, profession and personal development and motivate them to use their skill and creativity to achieve success together.

3). Responsibility
We handle the resources made available to us carefully, sparingly and responsibly.

4). Openness
We show respect toward the diversity of cultures and beliefs and are open for ideas, opinions and desires of others.